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Commercial Appraisals in Albany, New York

At Bauer Appraisal Group in Albany, New York, we specialize in commercial real estate appraisals, and offer appraisal and consulting services for all types of commercial and industrial properties, including buy/sell or rental analysis.

With 30 years of experience serving the capital region, our team of appraisers boasts comprehensive knowledge of the local market area, and we work with a large variety of clients including government agencies, banks, state and local governments, Insurance companies, Law firms, and Real Estate developers.

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Apartment - Real Estate Appraisals, Commercial Appraisals in Albany, NY
Types of Properties We Appraise: 
• Banks
• Hotels
• Motels
• Marinas
• Resorts
• Schools
• Hospitals
• Reservoirs
• Residences
• Restaurants
• Distribution
• Forest Land
• Ski Centers
• Subdivisions
• Synagogues
• Vacant Land
• Warehouses
• Golf Courses
• Nursing Homes
• Office Buildings
• Bowling Alleys
• Condominiums
• Industrial Parks
• Truck Terminals
• Shopping Centers
• Land Development
• Lakefront Properties
• Adult Care Facilities
• Freezer/Cold Storage
• Retail Establishments
• Apartment Complexes
• Heavy Industrial Plants
• Automotive Dealerships
• Amusement/Theme Parks

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